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OBJNAMTitel, engelska

1A "Levy-House" on the Road to Nushki.
1A Clump of Palms in our Garden.
1A collection – a team effort
1A Corner in Afselabad.
1A Dervish at Veramin.
1Africa in America
1A Gate in the Wall.
1A Gloomy Street.
1A Group at Sunset.
1A Group in Jaffaru.
1A Group in Khur.
1A Group in the Court of the Harem.
1A Group of Baluchis.
1A Group of Kurds.
2A group of Tatar Girls.
1A Halting-place in the Highlands of Armenia.
1A Harem in Tebbes (Coloured).
1A Lane between Palm Gardens.
1An archaeological excavation
1A Near View of the Minaret.
1A Nomad Tent.
1A Primitive Threshing-Machine.
1Ararat from the South.
1Armenian Church near Hamsi-koi.
1Armenian Workwomen in Nakichevan.
1A Ruined Gate.
1A Shoemaker in the Market.
1A Station-House on the Road to Nushki.
1A street in Khur, flooded by Rain-water.
1A Street in Tebbes (Coloured).
1A Trade Caravan ready to set out from Rabat-gur.
1A traditional field ethnographer
1At the Entrance to the Gok-Meshid in Tabriz.
1Audio-visual chamber
1Avian Allies
1A Wedding Procession