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1Bambeiro type. Kizanga.
1In 1911, on February 6, Erik Hultman, Henrik Åkerman, Carl Lychou, Ivar Hambn och Emil Carlson met in a pub, the Pelican /Pelikanen and decided to found the Travellers Club. The aim was said to be “the getting together of sons of the fatherland who have returned, who have for longer or shorter periods been visiting faraway countries, for the purpose of research or trade, to make them get to know each other and let them have the opportunity to exchange their ideas and experiences.” The collection of items were donated to the museum in 2007 and catalogued by Karl Erik Larsson, former director of the museum and himself a member of the Travellers Club.
1Sitting Niombo with the body and head covered with different deep red and bluish green printed cotton cloth (tabby). The head is first covered with a dark blue cotton twill and then covered with red printed cotton cloth (tabby). The eyes and teeths are made of wood.
1Typical civilized natives in Melange.