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OBJTXTTillståndsbedömning, engelska

1A ca. 7 cm long section along the rim is damaged.
1A chip and a ca. 2 cm long section of the rim are missing. A crack runs from one of the damaged areas towards the centre (ca. 3,5 cm).
1A chip on the rim is missing.
1A crack can be seen across the base and the footrim. Another, vertical crack runs down from the lip.
1A horizontal, long crack and a smaller, vertical crack can be seen on the lower part of the body. A chip on the lip is missing.
1A large part of the mouth is broken off.
1A part of the knob is missing.
1A piece of the lip of the jar is missing. The edge and the flange of the lid are partly damaged.
1A piece of the rim and the body (ca. 7,5 cm) of the dish is missing.
1A vertical crack runs down from the mouth. The lip is chipped in one location.
1dirty<0x0b>stained<0x0b>faded<0x0b>discoloured/bleeding<0x0b>loss of pigment<0x0b>old repairs<0x0b>holes, tears<0x0b>deformed (creased, wrinkled)
1general broken-down<0x0b>dirty<0x0b>holes, tears<0x0b>deformed (creased, wrinkled)<0x0b>stained<0x0b>faded
1Large parts of the bowl’s wall were once broken off and have been restored. Multiple cracks and chips along the breakage line are still visible.
1One large and one small chip are missing at the lip.
1Parts of the flange of the lid are broken off.
1Several long cracks pervade the surface of the bottle, probably from an impact on one side. A chip at the mouthrim is missing.
1Several long cracks run along the body of the bottle, probably from an impact on one side. The footrim is damaged in one location.
1Small pieces have been chipped off in several locations along the rim and at the foot.
1Some loss of pigments on the gilded paper threads. Loose threads on the orange patterned border - this will be secured. The wider outer border is discoloured at the lower edge probobly due to bleeding. The lining is discoloured and have small holes, one hole is earlier conservated with laminated red silk. The lining is too narrow and makes distortion down on the embroidery when hanging. This will be corrected.
1The bottle has a chip on the mouth and a vertical 2cm crack running from the lip down onto the neck.
1The bottle has a long crack along the base and lower body. A chip at the mouth is missing.
1The bottle is chipped at the mouthrim.
1The bottle was once broken into four pieces but has been repaired. A whole remains on one side, and the lip is chipped.
1The bowl was once broken into two parts but has been repaired.
1The cloak is generally dry and brittle, with surface dirt and blackened fringe ends. Vertical and horisontally sharp creases due to former folded storage keeping. Some of the down hanging selvedges with fringes are folded upwards. Holes from former mounting with nails along upper and lower ends.<0x0b> Creases on selvedges with fringes were slightly flatten out with humidity and pressure under glass plates. Old mark label deformed the weave at the top by the seam at left. This was removed (980917/KP). General broken-down, dirty, holes, tears, deformed (creased, wrinkled), stained, faded.
1The dish has a ca. 4,5 cm long crack from the rim towards the centre.
1The dish has two cracks (ca. 3,5 cm and ca. 4,5 cm). The surface has deteriorated on the inside of the dish.
1The lip has one chip and two vertical cracks. The spout is chipped in the front.
1The lip is chipped and has several vertical cracks.
1The object is generally dry, brittle and dirty, with large older and newer conservation areas - covered with brown or white silk crepeline. The upper part of the body has severe damages of insects. Textile partly missing on part of the shoulders, over the fingers and on the left fot. A nearly totally fragmented woolen cloth is wrapped around the neck. See pictures on damages. General broken-down, dirty, stained, holes, tears, open seams, parts missing, faded, old repairs, insect damages.
1There is a 4,5 cm crack on one side of the dish.
1There is a wide crack on one side, ca. 4,5 cm into the vessel. The surface has deteriorated, especially one large section on the rim and one area on the pedestal.
1<0x0a>The rim and the foot are chipped. The surface has deteriorated in large parts, especially on the interior of the dish and at the base within the footrim.
1The rim has four vertical cracks and a chip.
1The rim is chipped.
1The rim is chipped in two locations and has a 4cm vertical crack.
1The seal is covered with a greenish patina. Parts of the stamping surface have incrustations.
1The surface has deteriorated on the inside of the dish.
1Two chips are missing at the mouth.