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1976-1978_Batch8/File_07279 [ocr]

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1976-1978_Batch8/File_07279 [ocr]
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1971. /. Cultural Property (Preservation) Ordinance 1965-67. PERMIT TO EXPORT N9 2423 Eric Waterton.,....Curator...of...Anthropology...•, delegate of the Trustees of the Papua and New Guinea Public Museum and Art Gallery, hereby grant permission to : Mr. Kristian Lagercrantz,. .Field Officer, Etnografiska Museet Address S-115 27, STOCKHOLM, Sweden. Authentic Craft Items •• tu export *One hundred and six 006) täeNfailMEM from the Territory. only Spear Gun. 1 only C000nut Soraper. 1 Digging Stick. 1 Fishing Spear. 1 only Adze (metal blade). 1 only Ash Net. 1 only Bush Knife. 2 only C000nut Baskets. 1 only Round Basket. 1 only Oval Basket. only Fishing Polel only Husking Stick. 2 only Brooms. 1 only Net. 1 sank Coral. 1 only Basket. lengthe Coconut Stem. 2 only Lear Piet«. 1 only Carving (chark). 1 only Carving (oanoe). 1 Carving (sword). 1 only Bow Drill. 2 only Planka. • 4 only 'fusks. 1 only Shell. 23 pieces Coconut Shell. 16 pieoes Wood. 2 only Woven Mats. 1 Sewn Mat. 1 Sewn Rein Cape. 14 bundlee Vegetable Fibre (rope). 1 bundle Vegetable Root. 5 bundlee Cordage. 3 only Sticks. 6 ohly Woven Mat Sections. 1 only Tapered Stick. 106 ITEMS TOTAL. All the above are contemporary authentic craft items from Wuvulu IslendPat rov ce, Wew k Sub—prov.); Sepiki , . nature 2 r 7 cl [ocr]

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