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The National Museums of World Culture The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities

The museum, located in Stockholm, houses Sweden's most important archaeological collections of ancient and historical relics from the Mediterranean countries. The collections contains 40 000 objects and almost all of these are available through Carlotta. In addition to these, you can search among 20 000 photographs. As a consequence of the fact that objects and photographs from the beginning were two separate databases with different purposes, the registers for objects are in English while the register for photographs is in Swedish.

The database currently contains...

Objects, Egypt
16 764.
Objects, Cyprus
16 125.
Objects, Greece and Rome
5 158.
Objects, Islam
2 932.
Objects, Luristan
Objects, West Asia
24 896.
Digital pictures
89 014.
Most popular object
Coffin; Sarcophagus ; Anthropoid sarcophagus. Made for the woman Taperet. Her name is incised on the lid. Pyramid texts inscribed on the si...
Most popular photograph
interiör; utställning ; Medelhavsmuseet, interiör från nyförvärvsutställningen hösten 1995.
Most recent object registration
Statue ; Bronze statue of the godess Isis and Horus, mounted on a small wooden socle.
Most recent photograph registration
entré; interiör ; Entrén från insidan, Medelhavsmuseet.
Most recently depicted object
Pottery ; A fragment from an unrestricted bowl (?). Exterior glaze in mustard yellow, no decoration. Polychrome interior glaze in yellow, b...
Most recently digitalized photograph
exteriör ; Fasad, Medelhavsmuseet, Fredsgatan.
Most recently digitalized name
Museum director ; Ann Follin, born 4th of September 1962.

Object of the Month

altAnthropomorphic Finial ; Cast. Master of animals: anthropomorphic tube. Two human faces on the tube, one at top, one in center with prominent noses. Top face has loops for ears, and lampshade like hat, triple ring necklace (choker) with petal pendants and horizontally striped br...

Object of the week

altSculpture. Bust. ; Bust of Dionysos. Head slightly tilted to the left (figure’s right). Full, oval face with high forehead. Almond-shaped eyes with upper and lower eyelids indicated, framed by thin eyebrows. Straight nose. Rather small mouth with full, slightly parted lips. Face...

About Carlotta

Carlotta is an information system being developed for museums and their museum collections. The basic idea of Carlotta is to provide a flexible system that can be used and adapted to all kinds of museum collections.Read more...