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The National Museums of World Culture The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities

The museum, located in Stockholm, houses Sweden's most important archaeological collections of ancient and historical relics from the Mediterranean countries. The collections contains 40 000 objects and almost all of these are available through Carlotta. In addition to these, you can search among 20 000 photographs. As a consequence of the fact that objects and photographs from the beginning were two separate databases with different purposes, the registers for objects are in English while the register for photographs is in Swedish.

The database currently contains...

Objects, Egypt
17 266.
Objects, Cyprus
16 409.
Objects, Greece and Rome
5 202.
Objects, Islam
2 934.
Objects, Luristan
Objects, West Asia
1 044.
24 841.
Digital pictures
89 406.
Most popular object
interiör ; Medelhavsmuseet. Interiör från ”Portugisisk kulturafton”. Kärsti Stiege berättar om sin fotodokumentation av bergsbyn Esorninhos...
Most popular photograph
interiör; utställning ; Medelhavsmuseet, interiör från nyförvärvsutställningen hösten 1995.
Most recent object registration
Sculpture. ; Miniature sculpture of bronze; pharaonic motif (or possibly Osiris). Top of crown missing.
Most recent photograph registration
interiör; Föremålsbild ; Dokumentation av sydarabiska inskriptioner i magasin inför registrering.
Most recently depicted object
Human remains ; Adult. Female?
Most recently digitalized photograph
interiör; Föremålsbild ; Dokumentation av sydarabiska inskriptioner i magasin inför registrering.
Most recently digitalized name
Museum director ; Ann Follin, born 4th of September 1962.

Object of the Month

altIdol. Female. ; Flat, slightly curved, rectangular, plank shaped-body; rectangular neck and head; small projecting nose; nostrils and eyes marked by small dots; eyebrows and mouth marked by horizontal, incised lines. Hard buff clay; lustrous orange-red slip. Incised decoration: ...

Object of the week

altBowl ; Deep, conical bowl; raised base; carination on upper body; slightly outturned rim; raised, curved wish-bone handle at carination. Hard, brick clay with grey core; lustrous red to greyish black slip.

About Carlotta

Carlotta is an information system being developed for museums and their museum collections. The basic idea of Carlotta is to provide a flexible system that can be used and adapted to all kinds of museum collections.Read more...