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Data elements

Data elementDescription
Acquisition number
Analysis no
Archive - Comment on
Archive - Pictures
Archive (media) - Pictures
Cat no
Diary number
Digital Media
Digital media - Pictures
Egypt, Number in Exhibition
E-mail, commenter
Event - Comment on
Exhibition - Comment on
Exhibition, part of - Comment on
Exhibition, showcase - Comment on
GreekRome - Comment on
Inventory numberIdentifying number of the object
Inventory number, Cyprus - Conserved object
Inventory number, Cyprus - Depicted
Inventory Number, Cyprus - Describes
Inventory Number, Cyprus - Pictures
Inventory number, Egypt - Comment on
Inventory number, Egypt - Conserved object
Inventory number, Egypt - Depicted
Inventory Number, Egypt - Describes
Inventory Number, Egypt - Pictures
Inventory number, GreekRoman - Conserved object
Inventory number, GreekRoman - Depicted
Inventory Number, GreekRoman - Describes
Inventory Number, GreekRoman - Pictures
Inventory number, Islam - Conserved object
Inventory number, Islam - Depicted
Inventory Number, Islam - Describes
Inventory Number, Islam - Pictures
Inventory number, Luristan - Comment on
Inventory number, Luristan - Conserved object
Inventory number, Luristan - Depicted
Inventory Number, Luristan - Describes
Inventory Number, Luristan - Pictures
Inventory number, WestAsia - Conserved object
Inventory number, WestAsia - Depicted
Inventory Number, WestAsia - Pictures
Inventory number, West Asia - Comment on
Inventory Number, West Asia - Describes
IP-adress, commenter
Islam - Comment on
License - MediaDefining license for the media, i.e. a digital image that is linked to an object.
License - Metadata
LicensenameLink to SOCH RDF for Licenses
Loan - Depicted
Loan - Describes
Loan - Pictures
Loaned object - Describes
Loan identityDiary number. If not available, use year.number (i.e. 1999.0001).
MM LurKan inte denna tas bort, verkar ju bara vara en del av inv. nr?
Name - Comment on
Name of imageUniquely identifying name for digital image
Name of original imageUniquely identifying name for original image
Name of original screensized imageUniquely identifying name for screensized image
Name of original thumbnailUniquely identifying name for thumnail image
NegNoNär länk finns till fotoreg eller digital bild borde denna kunna raderas!
Object, external - Depicted
Object, external - is part of
Object, external - same as
Old numbers
Original media
Photograph Number
Photograph Number - Describes
Photograph Number - Is Object Example For
Photograph Number - Pictures
PhotoNegNoNär länk finns till fotoreg eller digital bild borde denna kunna raderas!
Picture Archive - Comment on
Record number
Reference - Pictures
Report number
Report number - Pictures
Repro number
Repro number - Pictures
Sherd box - Is part of
Sherd box no
SMVK-EM - samma som
Sound (media) - pictures
Sound id
Video - Comment on
Video - lågupplöst
Video (media) - pictures
Video id