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OBJTXTEgyptenutställningen 2014, English - Label

1Administrative note. Possibly a list of objects made by or for various people, represented by owner’s marks.
1A dressed-up woman with a lotus flower on the forehead.
1Alabaster jar with the names of Tuth-mosis III.
6Alabaster vessels from the Old Kingdom that have originally contained grave goods.
1Alexander the Great.
1Amulet (hypocephalos). A circle formed disc with protective spells was laid under the mummy’s head. The disc is associated with the sun and its life-giving light and warmth.
1Amulet in the form of a fly.
3Amulet in the form of a so called Djed pillar symbolising stability. It is believed that the shape of the Djed pillar can be derived from the lower vertebrae of a bull.
16Amulets and jewellery plus moulds for making them.
3Amulets in the form of heads of rams or bulls, made in ivory and stone.
2Amulets in the forms of a fish and a turtle.
3Amun originated from Thebes but came to be worshipped throughout Egypt, often united with the sun god as Amun-Ra.
1Anubis is often portrayed as a jackal, a canine that lives in the desert and that could be seen roaming around the graves. It was Anubis that took care of the deceased Osiris’ body and prepared it for rebirth. Anubis is therefore the god of mummification and lord of the burial ground. This Anubis is dated to the New Kingdom based on the hieratic graffiti found the statue.
5Applicators for make-up.
2Arm rings.
10Arm rings in materials such as limestone, flint, steatite, bone, schist, ivory and tortoiseshell. The small arm ring has probably belonged to a child.
1Arrow with a head of flint.
4A set of canopic jars. Every person should have four canopic jars. These belong to a man named Wahibremen.
1Atum was sometimes depicted as a snake, here with the double royal crown.
1A very simple offering table in clay to be placed on or by the tomb. On the table can be found a small head of an ox and grooves onto which libation offerings were intended to be poured.
1Awl made in bone.
1A woman in a banquet scene with a lotus flower on the forehead and a cone of scented fat on top of the head.
2Axe blades.