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OBJTXTHandling instructions

1A lot of dirt came off from this otherwise quite stable headrest. It should ideally be kept in 50% RH and 18 C, with lightlevels kept under 250 lux and 75 microlumen for UV.
1Care must be taken when handling in order to safeguard the remains of coating. Gloves should be worn. Recommended climate: 50% RH and 18 C. Lightlevels should not exceed 250 lux and 75 microlumen.
1Handle with care, due to flaking unglazed surface.
1It can be decided that the surface is somewhat unstable and dry. Further the small remains of plaster coating seem to be adhered very loosely to the surface and care should be taken when handled. Recommended climate is c.50% RH and 18ºC, not exposing the object to direct sunlight. Keep lux levels below 250 and UV at 75 microlumen.
1Loosely sitting red paint. Handle with care to avoid flaking.
1The necklace should be kept in a stable environment, due to the porosity,and consequently fragility, of the clay.
1The object has gone through a light surface cleaning with dry and safe methods. The wood is still slightly dry, although its condition not endangered. It would be recommended to treat the surface lightly with microcrystalline wax, to protect is from degradation caused by dust and dirt. (Veronika Eriksson, 2003-04-25)
1The object is now restored from its two pieces and should be kept in a stable environment in order to avoid alteration of the adhesive properties.
1The surface is quite loosely adhered to the rest, probably due to dryness. Handle with care, using gloves. Keep in a stable environment at 50% RH and 18 degrees C. Lux levels should be kept at a max of 250 and the UV at max 75 microlumen.