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MM 10293 :: Jar

Object description
A jar with an ovoid body, a ledge rim, tapering to a flat base and two tubular string-hole handles. Buff surface with an exterior decoration in maroon. It features multiple motifs. The rim has lattice pattern. In between the rim and the handles are, three, respectively four horizontal lines, or ´flying flamingos´. On top of the handles are horizontal wavy lines. On the upper body, in between the handles, on both sides of the vessel, there is a ship depicted. It is propelled by multiple oars, it has two cabins and a standard adorned with three horns, placed side by side. Further, there is a triple branch at its prow. Above each ship, there is a single horizontal wavy line. One ship has one line placed above one cabin, on the other the line hovers above the stern. Below the ships, there is a horizontal string of Z-signs, a figure of 8-shield, a plant? or a sail? and on either side of this figure, are two free standing cabins. The space below each handle, on the lower body, is occupied by a large aloe. Adjacent to and below each aloe is a single horizontal wavy line. The base has a spiral. Figural design.

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