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New Egypt, 9, The Tomb :: The Tomb

Object description

A beautiful and well-equipped tomb prepared the way for an enjoyable life on the other side of death.

The first funerary gifts were simple vessels filled with food and drink that the dead may. However, over time, the funerary objects increased in number and became more sophisticated. The tombs were filled with furniture, clothes, household goods and tools, some of which the dead may have used in his/her life. Other objects, especially made for an existence after death, were also put in the tomb.

A vast majority of the tombs were robbed of their contents at an early stage, often shortly after the actual burial. The first objects to get stolen were normally scented oils and other objects that could easily be re-used or sold. Later on, the grave robbers took more of an interest in gold and jewellery.

Grave robbery has continued well into modern times. Few Ancient Egyptians were given the undisturbed rest they had hoped for.