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OBJTMEDatering, engelska

110th-11th century
411th-12th century
111th century
112 month 1856
112th - 13th century
512th-13th century
712th–13th century
1012th century
112th century
313th-14th century
413th–14th century
813th century
214th c.
414th century
415th–16th century
115th–16th century
1515th century
115th century (bowl)
115th century (rim: probably first half of the 20th century)
316th century
117th century
117th century (hairpin), 20th century (box)
118th – 19th century
618th–19th century
118th–19th century
218th century
118th-early 19th century
218th–early 19th century
21960s - 1988
119th - 20th century
219th-20th century
219th c.
4019th century
119th century (1876?)
119th century (1887?)
119th century - Republic period
319th - early 20th century
119th- early 20th century
119th–early 20th century
2020th century
420th century (box with lid)
14th - 1st century BCE
14th–5th century
15th – 6th century
55th-6th century
145th–6th century
15th century
15th century
17th–8th century
17th century
27th century?
28th–9th century
58th century
19th century
1Beads from W. Zhou.
1Ca. 12th century
1ca. 13th century
1Ca. 1875-1885
1ca. 1880s - 1916
2ca. 1983
1Ca. 5th – early 6th century
4Difficult to date
1Difficult to date, but not what it seems.
2Difficult to date.
1Difficult to date. Could be from any period.
1early 12th century
1Early 18th century
2Early 19th century
3Early Western Zhou
1Early Western Zhou period
1Edo period, early 18th c.
1End of the Qing dynasty
7First half of 12th century
1First half of 14th century
1First half of 17th century
21Han Dynasty
1Han dynasty, 4th - 1st century BCE
1Jin dynasty
1Khmer (12th-13th c.)
1Khmer (Lopburi)
2Late 11th-12th century
1Late 11th - early 12th century
2Late 13th - 14th century
2Late 14th–early 15th century
3Late 15th–16th century
1Late 15th–early 16th century
1Late 17-early 18th c?
1Late 18th – 19th century
1Late 18th-19th century
1Late 18th-early 19th century
2Late 19th century
1Late 19th century–early 20th century
1Late 19th - early 20th century
2Late 19th-early 20th century
2Late 7th–8th century
3Late Joseon
1Late Spring and Autumn period, 5th century BCE
1Late Spring and Autumn period.
1Late Spring and Autumn period., c. 5th century BCE
1Late Warring States period, 3rd - 1st century BCE
1Mid-17th century
1Mid-18th century
4Ming Dynasty
2Ming Dynasty (?)
1Ming dynasty (?).
1Ming dynasty or later.
3Modern reproduction
7Neolithic (?)
1Probably 12th-13th century
2Probably 12th century
1Probably 13th-14th century
1Probably 13th century
1Probably 14th century
2Probably 15th–16th century
2Probably 15th century
1Probably 16th century
1Probably 17th c.
2Probably 17th century
2Probably 18th-19th century
1Probably 18th-19th century
1Probably 18th–19th century
8Probably 19th century
1Probably 19th - early 20th century
1Probably 19th-early 20th century
1Probably 4th–6th century
1Probably 5th-6th century
6Probably 5th–6th century
2Probably 5th–6th century (cup)
2Probably 5th century
1Probably 5th–first half of 6th century
2Probably 6th century
1Probably early 12th century
1Probably first half of 19th century
1Probably late 19th - early 20th century
1Probably late 7th century
3Qing Dynasty
1Qing Dynasty
1Qing dynasty, 18th-19th century
1Qing dynasty, 18th - 19th century.
1Qing dynasty, 18th-19th century (James Lin)
6Qing dynasty, 18th century
1Qing dynasty, 18th century (James Lin)
1Qing dynasty, 18th century or later.
5Qing Dynasty, 19th century
1Qing dynasty, late 18th - 19th century
1Qing dynasty (?), 19th century (?)
1Rajasthan, ca 1650
76Republic period
15Republic period (?)
1Republic period (James Lin)
1Sawankhalok (14th c.)
1Second half of 18th–19th century
9Shang dynasty
1Shang dynasty (c. 1600 - 1046 BCE), 12th century BCE
5Silla, 5th–6th century
1Silla, 5th century
1Six Dynasties (?)
2Song dynasty
11Spring and Autumn period
1Spring and Autumn period, 5th - 6th century BCE
2Spring and Autumn period, 5th century BCE
1Spring and Autumn period, c. 5th - 6th century BCE
1Spring and Autumn period (?)
1Tang dynasty
1Warrings States, could be earlier Warring States (James Lin)
1Warring States, c. 400 BCE
1Warring States (James Lin)
13Warring States period
1Warring States period, 4th century BCE
81Western Zhou period
1Western Zhou period.
1Western Zhou period (?)
1Western Zhou period or earlier
5Zhou dynasty