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Data elements

Data elementDescription
Country - Activity
Country - Findspot
Country - Manufacturer
Country - Origin
Country - Photographed in
Country - Swedish
Country - Used in
Country, Swedish - Findspot
Country, Swedish - Photographed in
Geographic name, alternative
Geographic name, alternative - Swedish
Place - Activity
Place - FindspotPlace of findspot, archaeology. Should be name of village or city. (Previously Provenance).
Place - Manufacturer
Place - OriginPlace of origin.
Place - Photographed in
Place - Used inRegion of use. Used when region of manufacture is different.
Place of exhibition
Region - Activity
Region - Findspot
Region - Manufacturer
Region - Origin
Region - Photographed inFor example an administrative entity, a river, a mountain that is depicted on the picture or where the picture is taken. Sometimes this has been used also to name the region from where the depicted object originates.
Region - Used in