Carlotta - the museum database


1A bit dirty.
1A bit worn.
2About half missing.
1About half missing. Mended. Handle missing.
1About half of lip missing. Worn. On bottom center traces of glue.
1About half of rim missing. Black glaze almost entirely worn off.
1About half of the pitcher remains in four large connected sherds and a few smaller ones.
1Abraded. Some of the weights are mended.
1Abraded and with yellow incrustation. The thumb is broken off and attached with a string.
1Abrasions on ridge.
1According to the excavator “traces of gold ring inside, fittings removed.”
1A few modern cut markes below left armpit; intact.
1A group of six small, worn pieces.
1Alabaster fragments belongs to the plate.
1A large part of the rim is missing, 2 cm. wide surface damaged on the side.
1All broken off in the broader end, and chipped in the other end.
1All four statuettes are composed of fragments. One consists of lower body only. Only one complete arm is preserved. No heads preserved. Underside of base-tablet reconstructed.
1All horses are composed of fragments and mended to base tablet. One horse is almost completely reconstructed, only hind legs are original. Another has three reconstructed legs. All tails and ears are missing. Upper part of left wheel damaged. Upper part of right wheel, right side and parts of front of chariot-box and front of base reconstructed.
1All legs, most of head, ears, horns and tail missing.
1All legs, tail, head and most of neck missing. Object on back broken.
1All three handles and piece of rim missing. Base chipped. Slip and paint worn.
1Almost 50% of body missing. Mended. Worn.
1Almost 50% of body missing. Reconstructed. Mended. Worn.
1Almost complete, damaged rim.
1Almost complete, mended with plaster at base; eyes, lips and surface in general worn.
1Almost complete. Lower part of feet missing.
1Almost completely preserved. Only a few signs are partially broken but still legible.
1Almost covered by marine encrustations. Piece of rim missing. Decoration shines through, possibly floral decoration in green, brown and black, possibly on a light brown back ground.
1Almost entirely preserved apart from part of rim lacking. Scratches on neck.
1Almost entirely preserved but handle has been broken off. Lots of naggigs and chips at rim, neck, body and base. Paint very worn, though black paint on white ground seems to be more stable possibly due to later painting.
1Almost entirely preserved though half of the rim lacks.
1Almost half missing. Very worn.
1Almost half part of body missing. Parts of rim missing. Chipped. Worn.
1Almost half part of body missing and parts of rim missing. Chipped.
1Almost intact, though part of openings nagged. Rather worn.
1Almost intact; edges chipped (especially at base); surface worn.
1Almost intact. Handle mended and reconstructed. Mouth somewhat chipped. Surface slightly worn at places.
1Almost intact. Lid chipped. Lower body and base chipped. Decoration worn. Traces of glue on bottom.
1Almost intact. Lower body surface damaged.
1Almost intact. Rim and neck cracked. Large encrustation on more than half of body.
1Almost intact. Rim chipped. Red decoration on body partly damaged, retouched with (modern) yellow paint.
2Almost intact. Rim chipped. Worn.
1Almost intact. Surface damaged. Base slightly chipped.
1A part of the base is glued (original piece); some of the white paint is worn away; intact.
1A part of the right side below the ear is broken off, but otherwise preserved till under the neck, tip of nose slightly chipped. Uneven, thin white coating.
1A piece missing.
1A piece missing. Dirty.
1A piece missing bottom left, but it is probably an ancient damage; two pearls (?) and part of the frontal disc missing in her polos.
1Areas of iridescence.
1Areas with bright green corrosion on the surface.
1Arm and hand preserved, arm broken off below shoulder. Two middle fingers missing. Ends of the three remaining fingers missing.
1Arms, breast and ears missing. Nose chipped. Worn.
1Arms, lower part of body and head missing. Mended. Worn.
1Arms, lower part of body and top of headgear missing.
1Arms and head cut off. Worn.
1Arms and left foot damaged.
1Arms and left foot missing.
1Arms and legs broken off. Chipped. Encrusted.
1Arms and legs missing.
1Arms and legs missing. Nose and lips damaged
1Arms and legs missing. Worn.
1Arms and lower body missing. Back damaged. Mended at neck and chest.
1Arms and lower body missing. Large piece missing at back. Nose and top of helmet damaged. Mended at neck, left shoulder and breast.
1Arms and lower part missing. Worn.
1Arms and lower part of body missing. Worn.
1Arms and top of helmet missing. Mended.
1Arms mended. Tip of nose is chipped.
1Arms missing, base chipped. Worn.
3Arms missing.
1Arms missing. Lower part missing. Much worn.
1Arms missing. Mended. Small parts restored.
1Arms missing. Mended front. Mended neck.
1Arms missing. Worn.
1Arms separated.
1A small dent on the right hand side middle section. Part of the marble has a greenish patina, almost as if the surface partially has been exposed to bronze or a similar material. Could also be the remains of green paint.
1A small hole in the bottom is filled with plaster; somewhat chipped rim.
1A small hole on the body, otherwise complete.
1a third of body has mouldered (the part where the inventory number was written)