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OBJTXTUtst. etikett - engelska

1A BRONZE VASE Flowers in a vase. Ink and colours on silk. In the style of Chen Hongshou (1599 - 1652)
1A love letter. Hand coloured print.
1A man is waiting for the courtesan coming from behind a screen.
1An outing at the Mimeguri temple.
1A pot for hot chocolate or a teapot with lid, decorated in red, black and gold with an allegory.
1ARCHITECTURAL DETAIL, PROBABLY WITH VISHNU Hindu sculpture. Brown sandstone. Rajasthan. 12th century. Gift from the Friends Association of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities
1A trial of strength between the girl Sakata Kintoki and the strong man Kinpira. Partly handcoloured print. ca. 1708.
1Autumn moon. 1791-92. Autumn moon is the name of the geisha, but an autumn moon is also painted on the fan above the miniature landscape.