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1Check location! Except the note from the exhibition of Persian Art, this tile has a note saying “Väggflisa av fajans med turkosfärgad glasyr och relief dekor, Persien 1300-tal”.
1Could pieces of this bowl have been used to repair the small ewer NM 0047/1918?
1Group called, ‘Garrûs’ (district), Champlevé or Gabri (due to an erronous belief that this was a zoroastrian production) ware.
1Hålets d: 0,7
1Has a small circular sone saying 130 under his belly.
1Has a small circular sone saying 55 under his belly. !
1Is marked with red under the pasted note from ÖM. The two hangers/ears are probably the key to the original use of this item.
1NM 0122-0125/1926 are bought in the same shop.
1Note from Hans Öström pasted under lamp.
1Object marked, E.D, Pignatelli, Paris, ref. 0123-0125/1926.
1Object marked from Hans Öström, nr 882.
1Object marked on foot, from the Exhibition of Persian Art, and from Hans Öström, Stockholm, nr. 860.
1Object marked Sultanabad (but probably rather early 13th century)
1Only the "23 st. lösa bronspärlor" were found and part of the container ÖM000883. Schultz 09-2018
1Probably Taosi culture
1publisher`s mark unidentified (jmf (?) Hirano nr 76, pl IV)
1ref. Atil 1973, nr. 95 (shape of Chinese origin). Object marked with a note from Hans Öström, Stockholm. Utvald
3Stele, part of the socle. Marble. Epoch: N. Ch´i, 560-570. Notes: Ex. coll. W. J. G. van Meurs, Amsterdam.
1There is already three similare pitchers in the museums collection, small blue (NM 0133/1935), one bigger turquoise (B-76) and one white (NM 0046/1938). According to the Aq inventory it provenes from Sultanabad.
1Unusual shape of body.