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Mumiekista. Ytterkistan till Isisirdis. Utsidan av botten.
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Description, Swedish
Mumiekista. Ytterkistan till Isisirdis. Utsidan av botten.
Name - Photographer
Kaneberg, Ove
Ove Kaneberg, photographer at the The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm, 1995-2016.
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collections.smvk.se, collections.smvk.se, collections.smvk.se, digitaltmuseum.org
Source, Viaf - same as
Source, Kulturnav - same as
Inventory number, Egypt - Depicted
NME 004, Coffin

Mummy coffin for the woman Isisirdis.

Anthropoid outer coffin, painted in polychrome, representing the deceased wearing a tripartite wig, with a fillet surrounding a sun-disk with two cobras on top of the head, and a broad collar. Below the collar, the lid is divided into five registers, as follows:

I. Winged sun-disk with two cobras, flanked on each side by four columns of text.

II. From the left: balance, with Ammit and baboon; deceased led by Thoth, with Maat behind her; bearded snake; Re-Horakhty; Osiris; Isis; Nephthys; Four sons of Horus.

III. Sixteen columns of text.

IV. Shrine containing recumbent mummy on bier, with crowns and jars below, and winged sun-disk with two cobras above; flanked by single columns of text and a solar raptor with wings before it.

V. Thirteen columns of text.

The upper surface of the feet has an image of a mummified Sokar-raptor, wearing a menat, accompanied by a wadjet-eye, kneeling on a basket upon a striped pedestal.

The lid was fixed to the trough by four tongues on each side of the fitting into corresponding slots in the trough. The latter has its sides adorned with six squatting underworld deities, starting at the head and foot, and separated by sets of five columns of text. The floor of the interior is occupied by a figure of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris; the interior of the head has a sun-disk with a pair of cobras, pendant ankhs and descending stylised rays. The walls have single broad columns of text, the foot a shen-sign with twin sceptres.

Time - Photography
Date - Registration