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MME 1993:008 :: Fragment, Sculpture

Object description
Fragment from a sculpture of Horus. Hieroglyphs underneath. Black granite.
Inventory number
MME 1993:008
Fragment; Sculpture
Object, Swedish
Skulptur; Fragment
Country - Findspot
Egypt : Africa
Country, Swedish - Findspot
Granite; Stone
Material, Swedish
Sten; Granit
Falcon; Horus; Isis
Gift from Olle Engkvist foundation. Sotheby´s, New York, 12th of June 1993, lot 43 (40.250 USD).
Acquisition, Swedish
Gåva från Olle Engkvists stiftelse. Sotheby´s, New York, 12e of juni 1993, lot 43 (40.250 USD).
Description, Swedish
Fragment av en skulptur av Horus. Hieroglyfer undertill. Svart granit.
Fragment from a sculpture of Horus. Hieroglyphs underneath. Black granite.
Name - Photographer
Medelhavsmuseet 2012
Medelhavsmuseet 2012 represents pictures taken in 2012 by Ove Kaneberg, Karl Zetterström or Tony Sandin. In 2008 a new strategy of photographing objects started and this continued in 2012.
Source - http
Exhibition - Current
Egypten, 2014-

The history of Egypt is long, from the first settlements in the Nile Valley around 7000 years ago to the present day. Egypt was for a long period of time ruled by autocratic kings – the pharaohs. At other times, it was part

of larger empires such as the Persian, Roman and Ottoman.

The pharaonic culture was characterised by high conservatism.

Things were – and should be – as they always had been.

Old traditions and ways of thinking lived on, long after the last pharaohs.

They were present in the customs and traditions of the Middle Ages and are present in Egypt today.

Welcome on a walk through the history of Egypt!

Time - Start
Exhibition, Part of - Current
New Egypt, 2, Creation according to the Egyptians
Exhibition, showcase - Current
Egypten 2.2
Egypt, Number in Exhibition
Egyptenutställningen 2014, English - Label
Horus, the god of the sky, was often depicted as a falcon.
A stand to the sculpture is stored next to it. Uncertain if they really belong together.
Egyptenutställningen 2014, Swedish - Label
Horus, himmelsguden, avbildas ofta som en falk.
Length / Längd
26 cm
Height / Höjd
22 cm
Width / Bredd
36,2 cm
W. 36.2 cm, H. 22 cm, D. 26 cm, Weight 26 kg, Weight (podium) 9 kg
Weight / Vikt
26 kg
Date - Registration

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